The Magic of Making up Review by Lisa – How to win back your EX

Hi, I am Lisa from Florida and thank you for reading my posts. I created this blog to have the freedom to write just about anything I want. If you liked all my previous posts, you will find this review helpful too. Chances are that you might be looking for guidance, tips or assistance on how you can win back your ex or save your existing relationship. If so, you must have heard about this ebook, “ The Magic of Making Up”. It’s one of the top selling digital e-books out there in the market that is designed to help people save their existing relationship or get back their ex. The fact that so many people out there are experiencing some kind of relationship troubles in their everyday lives; this e-book has got serious attention from people from across the globe.

I had the opportunity to read the e-book myself. I have to admit that I went through trouble times with my husband Allen and we were nearly on the verge of divorce. At that point, while browsing on my computer on relationship related books, I came across this e-book and decided to give it a shot. I did some research on my own and found out that there were loads of reviews online from people who claimed that this e-book helped them reunite with their ex or save their existing relationship. So, I figured that it might be worth the time because the investment is minimal. Since I benefited, I thought it would be only fair to write a quick review about the e-book, given that I had a hard time finding too many unbiased reviews when I was doing my own research on this digital guide. In short, I wanted to give readers a chance to learn more about the product and know exactly what they are getting into before actually spending any money.

Overview of the E-book

magic cover pageDesigned for both men and women, this e-book contains 8 chapters that claim to provide the ideal love recipe that can give you the ability to repair the damage in your relationship and reunite with your ex or improve the relationship you are currently involved in. The focus is on self-healing also, to give you the opportunity to recover emotionally from a damaged relationship and to get a person back even if they are with someone else now, and how to create a “clean slate” that gives you the power to fix the damage done by lies or by cheating. The best thing that I found about this guide is that it does not tell you to trick your way into someone’s life but it helps you understand a relationship better. So, it’s not about manipulation but a productive method to improve relationship with someone.

The guide tells you exactly what you should do and what you shouldn’t do, step by step so that you don’t end up doing anything wrong. The chapters include several techniques that give you the ability to reignite the flame that you once had with your ex without the burden of past mistakes. Also, the last chapter is about moving on with grace if there is absolutely no hope in saving the relationship. It tells you how to grieve properly while preventing you from making mistakes that lead most individuals into depression upon break-ups.

About the Author:

The author, T.W. Jackson, also known as “T Dub” does not have any formal background or counseling certification on relationship. He states that his qualification comes from his ability to deal with different types of people, a skill he attributes to being in the army. However, he certainly knows something more than an average person about solid relationships since he and his wife are happily married since 1996.

The Positivespositives

The product is short, simple and relatively straightforward. There are no fancy videos or unnecessary fillers. It’s straight to the point streamlined information that covers solutions for the self as well as on the relationship. Moreover, the course has been around since many years with an impressive track record.

While there are plenty of relationship guides and theories out there, this program is practical and action-oriented unlike other similar guides out there in the market. Basically, this is almost like an all-in-one short and precise relationship guide. It’s ideal for individuals who have just gone through a divorce, break-up, have fallen victim to lover’s rejection or want to improve their current relationship.

Unlike other e-books out there in the market, this guide includes loads of vital information about understanding the opposite sex. So, instead of just including some secretive methods on how to mend a broken relationship, “The Magic of Making Up” delves into why the relationship landed on the tough spot in the first place along with personal development pointers that can help you get back on good terms with your ex.

It’s one of the rare –eBooks that includes dietary information too on what to eat in order to be in the best frame of mind to improve one’s relationship and how to stop arguments even before they start to heat up.

The guide encourages one to never give up unless there is absolutely zero hope in reconciliation and when it reaches to that stage, this guide teaches you how to move on with grace and dignity.

The author offers you 100% money back guarantee if the product does not work for you.

The Negatives

It’s hard for me to point out anything negative about this product because it has helped me in my relationship with my husband too, but one thing I thought is worth mentioning is that I found some formatting errors in the guide. Although it does not affect the message, the odd format can look irritating when you encounter them.


Overall, I personally think that, “The Magic of Making Up” is a helpful e-book in getting an ex back and getting yourself through the breakup process. Also, the real value over here is having everything you need to know in one single condensed form that’s easy to reference anytime. That in itself is worth the money. Even though you might find good number of reviews online that are biased (to say the least), I feel that loads of people out there do not have the guts to admit their mistakes in a relationship matter. PRIDE can actually ruin any relationship. If you really love your ex and truly want the person back in your life, then set aside your pride. Check out “The Magic of Making Up” so that you’ll know exactly what you need to do in order to have your ex back in your arms again.

Don’t be afraid to try this out! Love is a great feeling, and true love comes only once in a blue moon. If you feel that your ex is that SPECIAL ONE that you would want to spend the rest of your life with – then don’t hesitate any moment to get her back!

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